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A Computationally Intelligent, Scalable, Blockchain Network

We are working on a computational intelligent blockchain network that is oriented towards telemetry, application development, and horizontal scaling. StarkChain is being developed by the Stark Drones Corporation, the Stark Global Initiative, and various of its entities and partnerships. We have contributed to the development of various blockchain projects before, and believe we can work on something that can have a massive impact on the community.


Before Bitcoin was eCash, DigiCash, b-money, bit gold, and various other attempts at cryptocurrency that didn't garnish enough traction. Infact, various researchers including David Chaum and Gilles Brassard worked on predecessors to Bitcoin. However, in terms of a decentralized cryptocurrency focused on removing centralized entities, and gaining mash adoption, Bitcoin likely takes the cake. A core problem with Bitcoin is that it solves a computational unintelligent problem, which is recursive logic focused on securing and encrypting its network. PoW mining and the way Bitcoin goes about solving it, are both energy and solution inefficient. Not only that, but over time Bitcoin has become increasingly centralized towards computing companies and mining farms, in which very few actually control the minting of BTC.

Ethereum on the other hand was announced in 2014. It was one of the implementations of smart contracts that garnished mass adoption in a way that could potentially rival Bitcoin's popularity. Ethereum promised to be a decentralized platform for application development. However, since the conception of Ethereum, they have split from Ethereum Classic and then once again had the Ethereum PoW split.  Ethereum become a cryptocurrency that relies solely on PoS, allowing it to be centralized by various CEXs and DEXs, and their teams or dev teams. Ethereum was also able to discontinue the entirety of the Ropsten test network. Massive changes like these, allow for questions to come up in regards to their decentralization.

Many other companies promising to rival Bitcoin and Ethereum, haven't reached a similar level of adoption. While, there are promising cryptocurrencies out there, many haven't delivered something that is scalable, high speed, and massively adoptable.  The ones that have, still have various technological problems or hurdles to conquer in regards to making an ecosystem of scale. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are still promising, and there are many other promising concepts out there, we felt an urge to throw our hat into the table and see what we can propose.

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Downloads of the Decentralized-Internet SDK

The decentralized-internet SDK
was an open source library
and dev kit maintained by 
Lonero which aims to power
next generation distributed
computing projects. Lonero
was managed by
Stark Drones.

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